Multimillion Euro grant awarded to Resilient Hydrogen’s Barcelona Hydrogen Hub project

Resilient Group subsidiary Resilient Hydrogen is pleased to announce that the results of the Spanish programme “H2 Pioneros” have been announced and its “H2 BCN Hub” project has been awarded a 12,8 million Euro grant. This is an important milestone for Resilient Hydrogen (through its joint venture CEV – Clean Energy Ventures) in its efforts to support the decarbonisation of industry and mobility in Spain.

The “H2 BCN Hub” project aims at developing a renewable hydrogen production and distribution logistic platform to help decarbonize local industry and supply fuel cell-electric fleets operating around the Barcelona region, thus stimulating the decarbonisation of the heavy duty mobility sector. The project is part of a larger initiative to develop the alternative fuel infrastructure in the Mediterranean road corridor, allowing the circulation of zero-emission trucks between the cities of Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid and Valencia (H2BZMV initiative) – the first green hydrogen corridor in Spain.

Project “H2 BCN Hub” will install a 20MW capacity electrolyser, coupled with compression, storage and distribution components. The yearly production of 2600 tons of green hydrogen will ensure the supply for the demand from over 100 trucks at the start of the operations. The Demo Tour organised by CEV in Barcelona in July 2022 shows the strong interest from transport companies in FCEV trucks and hydrogen mobility and that the market is ready for the transition!

Gilles Desorbay, the Managing Director of Resilient Hydrogen, said: “I am delighted that this renewable hydrogen project has been recognized as being of strategic importance to the decarbonization of the mobility and industrial sectors in the Barcelona area. Beyond its monetary value, the award of the 12.8 million Euro grant from the H2 Pioneros Program is also a testament to our future customers, partners and to our team of the value of the project, and of the expectations it has already created in our collective decarbonization journey. We are excited to move ahead with the next stages of the project and are looking forward to starting its operations in the next couple of years with the aim to ultimately link Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid and Valencia with a reliable green hydrogen infrastructure.”

About Resilient Hydrogen: Founded in 2021 as a Spin-off from Resilient Group’s hydrogen activities dating back to 2017, Resilient Hydrogen is a Green Hydrogen development company that uses its expertise in technology, engineering, finance and regulatory fields to design safe, reliable and economically viable green hydrogen solutions for clients in the industry and mobility sectors, facilitating and accelerating their decarbonisation journey.