Green hydrogen enabling green industries

While the conversion to sustainable fuels in mobility applications such as cars, buses, trucks and even ships and aircraft are seeing a lot of attention in media, the growth in industrial applications tends to be under the radar for most. Perhaps because we don’t see these processes in our daily lives they tend to go unnoticed. However, in terms of contributing to the shift to a sustainable society, these changes are critical.

Fertilizers made from green hydrogen is a reality, and in metals production, the conversion from coal-based production to a clean, green hydrogen-based future is implemented in full scale right now. One of the last examples is Hydro´s successful full scale test of green hydrogen in remelting of aluminium, an important step towards near zero emission aluminium in buildings, packaging, cars and hundreds of other products we use daily.

As a developer, constructor and operator of green hydrogen production facilities, Resilient Hydrogen is cheering these leaders in their respective fields. By being among the first to take these substantial steps towards a fossil-free future, ideas and hopes are converted to real results.

If your company wants to join the leaders in tomorrow´s industry we can help!